TIMESAND STUDIOS’ produces impactful moving visual content for corporate,commercial and independent clients.

To deliver projects of consistently high standards, with a distinctive look, TIMESAND STUDIOS always chooses to work with the best and most experienced professionals in the business. The company sources the artists and crew from its vast database of talented producers, directors, cinematographers, photographers, music composers, animators and editors hired locally and from around the world. 

By every definition, TIMESAND STUDIOS is a one-stop shop. Regardless of the project’s scope, scale or complexity, the company provides a turnkey solution fit for every client’s need or budget. TIMESAND STUDIOS’ team will take the lead from a conceptual and research stage, through the production and post-production phase and up to the finished product.

TIMESAND STUDIOS handles all phases in a cycle of a typical production of a film, from a pre-production stage where ideas are first committed to paper, to detailed story boarding, casting sessions, location scouting and technical recce, to the film shoot and post-production phase where the footage is edited and embellished into an attractive final product. The team of TIMESAND STUDIOS takes care of all the logistics from securing the permits, liaising with government agencies, assembling the crew locally or from abroad. No matter whether the client is looking for a short, medium or long format, the team of TIMESAND STUDIOS is ready for it!

  • Corporate Promos
  • Cinematic Time Lapse Films
  • Awareness Films
  • Government Communication Films
  • Corporate Branding Films
  • TV Commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Travel films
  • Hospitality films

A picture is worth a thousand words and at TIMESAND STUDIOS, photography is a perfected craft. No matter where the future trends will take the industry of visual-making, no one doubts that there will always be a place for beautiful looking and powerful still photographs.

With over a decade of working for clients in the UAE and around the world, TIMESAND STUDIOS knows how to effectively deliver photo assignments in a studio setting, outdoors or even airborne while coordinating all creative aspects of the shoot with the client. TIMESAND STUDIOS takes care of all the logistics from location scouting, securing the shooting permits, selecting the cast, working with the agency and hiring the specialist freelancers. Its core team of award-winning photographers was handpicked for their distinct photographic style and creative persona. Since no photographer is best at all types of photography, TIMESAND STUDIOS carefully selects its projects and assigns them to the craftiest photo artisans, all of whom are the masters at their own domain.

  • Corporate
  • Hospitality sector
  • Industrial
  • Architecture / Interiors
  • Panoramic / 360 Degrees
  • Aerial Photography
  • Commercial
  • Landscape / Nature

Digital technology changed everything. But few industries have been transformed as radically as the world of media entertainment. Nowadays, it’s virtually impossible to go through the day without seeing computer generated visuals. Digital visuals are an exciting medium without limits,allowing the artists to realize their full creative potential and imagination, a feat unthinkable just decade ago.

With over 20 years in the business, TIMESAND STUDIOS’ computer graphics artisans are among the most experienced ones in the region. Its team of award-winning artists sourced from around the world had amassed an immense amount of experience by working on a great variety of complex projects for clients in over 30 countries.

Starting from the mood boards, conceptual sketches, rough animatics to highly polished visuals, TIMESAND STUDIOS creates realistic 3D animated character animations,immersive design pre-visualizations, and seamless image composites. The studio creates walkthroughs and renderings of future architectural projects and interiors, digital content for TV commercials, corporate branding films and design visualizations for architects.

  • Commercial & Architectural 3D Animations
  • 2D Animations
  • Compositing
  • Audio Post Production
  • Original Music Composition
  • Architectural / Design Still renderings
  • Architectural /Design Animations
  • Advanced still image editing and re-touching